Doctor Strange, Vol.1: The Way of the Weird by Jason Aaron

Doctor Strange, Vol. 1: The Way of the WeirdDoctor Strange, Vol. 1: The Way of the Weird by Jason Aaron

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I may become really unpopular really fast seeing that my friends have all rated this one all the stars.

So this was my first Doctor Strange comic and while I quite liked it, maybe it’s because not I’m not all there with the lore that I got lost sometimes. The story also felt choppy to me somewhere around the middle. One moment the big baddies are plotting to get to Earth and the next, Strange has stopped them already.
Very confusing.

I also tend to get annoyed when they don’t complete a story arc in one volume and this ends on a major cliff-hanger. I mean, it wasn’t that bad, but honestly the story had barely gotten started.

On the bright side, I sincerely loved the idea of magic having a price for its use and the whole secret Himalayan sect thing. We were talking about this in the Shallow Reader club the other day, but I still think Strange might be the most heroic hero I have seen so far. He actively takes on unpleasantness and suffering for the greater good, but other supers just tend to do what comes naturally to them. So yes, that was pretty cool.

I do want to read the next volume and see where this goes, if I survive the wrath of my GR friends.

3 thoughts on “Doctor Strange, Vol.1: The Way of the Weird by Jason Aaron

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  2. I haven’t checking this out yet, but I do plan on fixing than some day. Sucks that it didn’t impress you too much, but your explanations are quite reasonable! The plot acceleration is quite sad whenever it happens and I also hate those MAJOR cliff-hangers that don’t give readers a sense of closure. I’ve experienced the same thing from the new Rebirth run of Detective Comics. The first volume ends on a MAJOR cliff-hanger as well. Great review! 🙂

    – Lashaan


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