Meet Krishna

First off, of course that picture isn’t me. I’m way better looking.

Just kidding.

I am the youngest of the Shallow Readers and the newest. No, literally. People are trying to get me to watch Star Wars.

That hasn’t stopped me from adopting Anne and Jeff as my virtual parents, Kat as my older sister and Sesana as fairy godmother. I have yet to figure out where Lono and Mike go.

I generally read and review YA, fantasy, historical fiction and romance, but couldn’t resist reading comics because pictures+words+impossibility = PURE AWESOME.

I could tell you where I live, what I study and that I like pancakes, but then, I like keeping up a mysterious persona.

Likes: Reading (duh!), anime, gaming, Kpop, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, doodling, chocolate, archery and Monkey Majik (it’s a band.)

Dislikes: Tomatoes, folding clothes, writing lab reports, hypocrisy, squeaky singers, cricket (the sport) and untidiness.

You can meet me at GoodReads here: Krishna *wants to be a black wolf*

Or at my blog here: The Endless Reading List


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