Meet Gavin


I’m the Pope of Sarcasm, which doesn’t work as well online in the written word as you might think…

I’m also Canadian, and like fellow Shallow Canuck Mike, we do a great job of disproving all the stereotypes…but I DO live in an igloo with running syrup.

Pop Culture knowledge has won me more drunken bets, Trivial Pursuit games, and scorn from those who consider it useless. I also have a fancy edu-mah-kayshun from The Ivy League (Great White North Version) and am SMRT.

I love me some comics, have since I was about 9 yrs old, which may or may not have been because Batman came out that summer…I saw at a Drive-In Theatre. (Youngsters might not know what those are, try using the Google.) I will read nearly everything, especially if recommended or given a great review by any of this gang. I am still hoping to trick my wife into reading comics too, but I figure the fact that she knows Tony Stark is Iron Man is a good enough start…

This is where you usually find me:


I’m on Goodreads here

Twitter: @GavinSchwier

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