Meet Lono


I spend most of my time thinking about comics, tattoos, guns, beer, comics, my kids, comics, my wife, bourbon, samurai, comics, boobs, and English Bulldogs.  And very rarely, if ever, think about work.

I’m the less literate, rarely appropriate, technically challenged, knuckle-dragger of the bunch. I’ll make any excuse to hang out with my Shallow Reading pals, nerding out about comics, and avoiding responsibility at all costs.  Only my name has been changed to protect the justifiably embarrassed.

Hit me up at for completely un-waxed, full frontal nudity.


2 thoughts on “Meet Lono

  1. Hey I just got done reading nightwing: bludhaven and rough justice. Could you please tell me what immediately follows volume 2 of rough justice? I can’t seem to get a straight answer on it.

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    • Sorry Nino, still getting the hang for this site. I’m usually a “Goodreads” guy. Nightwing Vol 3: False Starts is the next book in the series. I think DC is re-releasing it in a few months. If you’re liking Nightwing so far, check it out.


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