Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three Vol. 2

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three Vol. 2Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three Vol. 2 by Brian Buccellatio
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(Received from Netgalley for review.)

I’ve loved Injustice under Tom Taylor, so I was both excited to get approved for this new volume and a little apprehensive. How would Buccellatio do in his first few issues? These are pretty big shoes to fill, in my opinion. And, as it turned out, he did a pretty good job. He starts fairly strong, by resolving a plot thread that Taylor left dangling in a truly unexpected way. The middle does get a little bogged down, and slows the pace considerably, but he makes up for it with a strong ending. This whole year of Injustice has been very heavy on mysticism. I’m not sure if that’s entirely out of the way now, but I think it will definitely be less in the foreground than it has been. Constantine was really the story of year three, and he exits the book at the end in a way that feels absolutely right for the character.

There are two bonus short stories at the end, set earlier in the series. One fleshes out Constantine’s plan and explains where Dr. Occult has been. The other answers the question of what happened with the Teen Titans, who have been largely absent from the action to this point. It is nice to have the world fleshed out a bit more, and I wouldn’t have wanted to read the Dr. Occult story any earlier than it was presented in this book. The Teen Titans one, though, is from the very beginning of the Injustice story, and I would have been much happier reading it or something like it sooner. It kind of feels like an afterthought tacked on at the end, even though it is a decent story.

I think Buccallatio could do a good job on this series, and I’m more than willing to give him a few more books to see what I think. Injustice is still one of my favorite ongoing titles in DC’s roster.

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