Superman/Wonder Woman, Volume 1: Power Couple by Charles Soule

Superman/Wonder Woman, Volume 1: Power CoupleSuperman/Wonder Woman, Volume 1: Power Couple by Charles Soule

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hey, this is not half bad. I will never be a real fan of the Supes/WW ship, but I can read it. Especially when the Kent looks delicious in the occasional panel.
Current comic boyfriend ranking:
1. Nightwing
2. Batman
3. Aquaman
4. Superman…when someone draws him right
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Review: Superman: Earth One, Vol. 3 by J. Michael Straczynski

Superman: Earth One, Vol. 3Superman: Earth One, Vol. 3 by J. Michael Straczynski

My rating: 4 of 5 stars



Guess what, Chicken Butt?
I finally like Earth One’s Superman!
Maybe it’s because I’m finding most of the New 52 Superman stuff to be tragically bad by comparison, but this really didn’t suck.

Earth One’s Clark is much more confrontational and outspoken, which is what I prefer. He’s a nice guy, but nobody is going to push him around.

Zod. Zod, Zod, Zod…
Ugh. He’s my least favorite villain in Superman’s rogues gallery, but even his appearance in this one didn’t kill it for me. His origin is a bit different, but he’s the same villain underneath it all.
Kill Superman! Take over Earth!


This one also solidifies the origin of this Earth’s Lex Luthor, but the less I say about that, the better. Cool twist, though!

Clark and Lois call an uneasy truce in the newsroom, and Lois becomes Superman’s full time adviser for How To Not Freak Out The Puny Humans.
I gotta say, I’m not digging the lame Bat-signal rip-off…
Dear sweet baby Jesbus,
Please let this dumbass signal fade into obscurity.

Lois, you do realize that you can just yell really loud to get his attention, right?
You know, ’cause…super-hearing?


Then there’s his friend and neighbor, Lisa. She’s a struggling actress and (used to be) part-time hooker. Looks like they might finally be taking things to the next level. But there’s still the ongoing question of whether or not Clark can actually do the deed with Earth women.
I’ll admit it.
I’m more curious about that than anything else going on in this title.
Pathetic, I know.


Anyway, I had fun reading this volume 3, and (for the first time) I’m looking forward to the next one!

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Review: Superman – Earth One, Vol. 3 by J. Michael Straczynski

Superman: Earth One, Vol. 3Superman: Earth One, Vol. 3 by J. Michael Straczynski
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First off, thanks to NetGalley for an ARC! It took forever for me to FINALLY get approved by one of the majors!

Luckily, I’d already read the first 2 volumes, so I wasn’t going in blind.

In this story, we find out that a certain Kryptonian isn’t the last survivor…there’s another, and he’s seeking out Kal.

The real basis for the story is still a combo of Clark growing as a human, and Superman being looked at with mistrust and suspicion by the militaries and governments of the world.

Lex Luthor, who appeared at the end of volume 2, appears again here, though in a somewhat different mindset than you might be used to. He also doesn’t appear alone…

Lois 100% steals an idea from Jim Gordon, and wisely, Superman points out how bad an idea it is in addition to being what she thinks is a good one.

However, when the second Kryptonian arrives, he disarms Kal with kindness, while convincing the global powers that perhaps Kal isn’t all he claims to be…this is some good villainous duplicity.

The art is strong, just as it was in the first two volumes, though a new artist has taken over, the style remains similar, and still very enjoyable.

When everyone turns their back on Superman, he is tested beyond his abilities, and it will be from two very unlikely sources that he draws strength and support. One of them for sure was a welcome twist in the Superman mythos for sure, and the other was a fitting way to move an important subplot forward in a very agreeable way.

Without any spoilers, I’ll just say that there’s new twists on old favourites and parts of the Superman Origin/Story, and for the most part, I find they work very well. That being said, other than the one reversal of character, there’s not much majorly different here from the regular Superman, though I do enjoy this one.

Straczynski has written another solid volume to this series, but it’s not quite as WOW as the other two were…however, it’s stil a good Superman story that really emphasizes his young nature striving to embrace and learn even more from humanity. This Superman (and Clark) are both growing in leaps and bounds, and I do look forward to seeing where this will go from here.

Thanks again to NetGalley for the Advance Review Copy (digital).

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