Review: The Mighty Thor Vol. 5 by Walt Simonson

Thor by Walter Simonson Volume 5Thor by Walter Simonson Volume 5 by Walter Simonson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OK, so this marks the end of Walt Simonson’s EPIC Thor run.
This is probably a 4-star collection on it’s own, but alongside the other 4 volumes, and when you look at what Thor was when we started it…5-Stars hardly seems good enough.

Thor here is broken, exposed, vulnerable, and not going to be saved by mighty Daddy (Odin). Loki is at his manipulating best, and even Hel is against Thor.

Loki’s plan is actually decent, and Thor’s response to keep himself alive is actually smart…

Thor’s new Armour is badass. Also, bearded Thor seems to have the brains of Odin as well as the brawn.

The supporting players get to be involved (Heimdall, Enchantress, Executioner, Sif, Hogun, Fandrall, etc.).

The interaction between Thor and Jormungandr (Midgard Serpent, who posed as Fin Fang Foom) is tremendous, both in hilarious wordplay (yes, Thor and wordplay…!) and the respect and jokes between 2 foes fated to destroy each other…When the actual throwdown takes place, Simonson is wise enough to devote a page to what some artists would try to contain in a panel. This helps expand the scope of the battle to an epic grandeur.

The final showdown does not disappoint, and fate cannot be avoided…

But Thor being a God, and this being the comic universe, death is not everlasting…but I sure would have been convinced of it were I reading it at the time.

Poor Loki…


This is a great conclusion to the Epic run, and I like where Simonson leaves Thor. He’s grown as a character, and when a writer can expand a character and make it seem natural and not forced, they’ve done a great job. I would suggest taking the time to read the whole 5 volumes, but if not, just try one. Mighty Thor indeed.

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Review: Indestructible Hulk: Gods and Monster, by Mark Waid (& Walt Simonson)!!!

Indestructible Hulk, Vol. 2: Gods and MonsterIndestructible Hulk, Vol. 2: Gods and Monster by Mark Waid
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not quite as knock-it-out-of-the-park as Vol. 1, but a very cool solid collection.

First off, No more Francis Leinil Yu…


However, he’s been replaced by the legendary Walt Simonson!!!


Oh…and he’s drawing THOR! with HULK!


The story has Banner and his team use a portal to the realm of the Frost Giants to gather elements for Earth, and of course, the Frost Giants show up to attack…luckily Thor arrives and he and Hulk make short work of them.
However, Thor doesn’t remember Banner…or Hulk…so Banner discovers that they must also have gone back in time to before Thor ever crossed paths with the Hulk.

It’s very cool to see Banner and Thor before they met, and Hulk having the knowledge that Thor is a friend. So it’s not in depth story-telling but it’s very cool for geeks like us.

The second story has a different artist, and reveals who the secret contact Banner had from the first volume; the one who was to release sensitive info if Banner ever failed to report in. That person is not a spoiler…but it’s…Daredevil/Matt Murdock!!!

It makes perfect sense for Murdock to be Banner’s lawyer, and the relationship between the 2 men is done very well, there’s mutual respect you don’t always see. What’s even cooler is that Daredevil and Hulk work so very well together as well.

This probably works best for me because Waid also has been writing Daredevil, so he’s got a great grasp of MM, and his Banner/Hulk work is strong too. The only mis-step is an unnecessary super-villain (B-list) appearing.

I really loved the interactions between the 2, and how Daredevil could calm Hulk better than most people, purely due to tone of voice, and the recognition that DD was a friend.
There’s one scene in the midst of battle/explosion between the 2, and the grown man me had tears in my eyes because it was so…sweet? perfect? loyal? friendship at it’s best? Pure instinct, and I loved it.

More solid work from Waid, and I love the work he’s putting out for Marvel the last few years. Long may he run!

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