Review: Iron Man, Vol. 1 – Believe, by Kieron Gillen

Iron Man, Vol. 1: BelieveIron Man, Vol. 1: Believe by Kieron Gillen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

OK, so finally my library got this in, and Vol. 2! I was excited, as I am with all Marvel NOW! Books, versus DC New 52, where I have a feeling that sits somewhere between utter dread and ambivalence.

Good stuff: I actually liked the idea of Tony having to go around to shut down the people who’d bought Black-Market Extremis, sort of paying penance for his involvement.

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Review: Orphan Blade by M. Nicholas Almand

Orphan BladeOrphan Blade by M. Nicholas Almand

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I downloaded Orphan Blade with a bunch of other graphic novels on a whim, just because they were available on Netgalley. Plus I’ve reading a bunch of graphic novels lately, so I thought I’d continue the streak.

Anyway, the book is difficult to rate since I have no idea what it really wants to be. I started off thinking it was middle-grade or aimed at early teens – the writing is simplistic and aiming for dramatic flair. Midway through, it turned into a real gore fest with a ton of body horror thrown in and I decided it must be for older readers. But the plot was unfolding as a typical quest for humanity story, as if the author decided to condense every anime he saw into 200 pages, so I went with middle grade again. But then, the book ended with the lead couple kissing and they were not a boy and a girl. So I was left with a book that wouldn’t fit into any slot or suit any reader.

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