Review: Sinestro Vol. 1: The Demon Within by Cullen Bunn , Dale Eaglesham (Illustrator)

Sinestro Vol. 1: The Demon Within



Sinestro Vol. 1: The Demon Within by Cullen Bunn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I kind of thought now that Sinestro was getting his own title he’d be…nicer? I mean, he wasn’t totally evil in The End, so I assumed that they were maybe trying to pull him into anti-hero territory.


Nope. He’s still pretty awful.
Lyssa Drak (the evil chick who was chained to the Book of Paralax, for anyone who cares) is the narrator for the first bit of the story. She tells the origin of the rise and fall that led Sinestro to this point in his story.
The (sort of) neat thing is that since she’s wacky/evil herself, she tells it like he’s a misunderstood hero.
Except he’s not.
And anyone who isn’t possessed by the crazy bug can see him for the control freak that he is/was…is.
At any rate, Lyssa worships Sinestro like he’s some nefarious boy band.


There’s a few interesting things that happen once Lyssa tracks Sinestro down, but mostly it’s jsut rock-em-sock-em stuff, as he takes the reigns of the Yellow Lanterns back.
Every now and then you get a peek at a decentish character, but he’s mostly too assy to get behind at this point.
However, he does sort of declare an uneasy truce with Hal and his daughter, Soranik. She agrees to (sort of) team up with him to find the remaining Kougarians who had fled the planet before it was destroyed, by…shit. I can’t even remember who blew it up?
Anyone? Anyone?
You know what? Doesn’t matter. Nobody is going to read this. You know why?
It’s A Sinestro Comic Book!
It’s me and one other nerd out there, that are even reading anything remotely related to the Green Lanterns!


The end had a twist to it that I really didn’t see coming. I mean, it’s foreshadowed in the blurb.
He’s so much more…
But I just thought it was more yammering overblown blurbyness.
It’s a word if I say so!

The last issue was a weird Future-thing.
Blech. No. I don’t like those, and DC needs to stop it.

Read it, don’t read it. I don’t care.

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Review: Green Lantern Vol. 3 – The End. by Geoff Johns

Green Lantern, Vol. 3: The EndGreen Lantern, Vol. 3: The End by Geoff Johns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m pleased to say, this is a bounce back for Papa Johns after the turd dumping that was Trinity War.

He’s had a hard-on for GL forever; and here, he’s able to close the chapter on a very respectable run for the Emerald Knights.

When last we left our hero, he (and on again GL/Nemesis Sinestro) were killed by Black Hand. We know that Black Hand killing doesn’t quite work, and Hal’s been dead before, so would they go back that way? Who knows, but we do see Hal and Sinestro stuck in the Black/Afterworld with a GL from the past.

Meanwhile, Sinestro’s Construct/Shared ring with Hal, goes for Simon Baz, a Muslim-American living in Deerborn, Michigan (my Great Uncle lived there too, lovely little place lol). There’s some well-meaning but heavy handed “we’re all good people” bit, a sort of Johns apologism for American foreign policy, torture, racism etc…OK moving on.

Simon gets guided by Squirrel/Chipmunk Lantern, who’s very entertaining, and is his Yoda. He ends up going on a quest (shockingly) with very little backup and training. It also turns out that he’s more powerful with his emotional lack of fear than some of the great ones!

This being the end of it, of course John and Guy show up, and I don’t mind them at all, but they don’t have a huge part to play (That would be the GL Corps books). Also, Kyle shows up with his rainbow brigade…ugh.

But this is Hal’s book. Hal’s the hero, he makes some gigantic sacrifices and leaps of faith to save the universe. The best part? Sinestro ends up making different sacrifices for different reasons, but when we see the end result, Sinestro is about as close to heroic as he will ever be.

So it’s a nice finish up, and everyone lives happily ever after…except the bad guys…and the people that die.

The Coda/Epilogue follows what happens to each of the lanterns, looking back many years later, and we see Guy, John, Kyle, and Hal, and what they ended up moving on to, all doing well.

However, for me, the best part of the whole thing was the relationship between Hal and Sinestro. They got to a point where they understand each other, won’t ever agree about the means, but agree to the same ends, and each makes a personal sacrifice to try and reach those ends. Hal is a hero, the greatest GL of them all, but Sinestro, I feel like his actions were even more heroic given the context, and the aftermath.

So, a very enjoyable, sentimental journery. Johns is forgiven here, because you know it’s his baby. It’s a good enough job, it stands out, the universe mumbo-jumbo cosmic shit is minimized, and the fact that it focuses on relationships and people instead of that helps a lot.

Well done.

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