Review: The Wake by Scott Snyder, Sean Murphy (Illustrations)

The WakeThe Wake by Scott Snyder

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was pretty invested in the story for the majority of this book.
It kind of ran off the rails toward the finish line, and (in my opinion) never really recovered the momentum it had during the first half.
The ending?
I’m not even sure what the hell happened…

So, it starts off in present day (or the past, depending on how you look at it) with a cetologist whale/dolphin/porpoise expert named Lee Archer. She gets an offer she can’t refuse from a government agentish guy, to help them with something they’ve discovered in the ocean that is making a whale-like call. They have the ‘animal’ hidden away in an illegal deep-sea drilling rig, and they need Archer to take a peek at it.
Hint: Turns out, it’s not a whale.


Archer isn’t the only one who’s been called into check out this sucker out. There’s a folklore expert, a deep-sea hunter, and another scientist who happens to be the guy who got her thrown off of her last project.
Anyway, it soon becomes apparent that this creature is some sort of a chompy-mermaid with a hallucinogenic venom that squirts out of it’s eyes.
Worse, it’s got friends.
Lots and lots of friends that are tearing the underwater rig apart. And it looks like once they’re done eating Archer & Co., they’re headed toward the shoreline.
*cue dramatic music*


Fast forward a couple of hundred years, and now we’re following the story of Leeward. A young lady with a dolphin who hunts the mermaids…and sells their eyeballs.


The creatures have taken over the world (sort of) by causing tsunamis that flooded the shores, and drove the puny humans into their mouths.
Leeward is searching for this Lost Voice on the airwaves that she thinks holds the key to stopping the mer…whatevers
The government (such as it is) is after her, and she has to band together with pirates to find this Lost Message.
Oddly enough, it seems like this voice on the airwaves is coming from Archer.
But that can’t be true.
Or can it?

*cue the damn music again.*

Alright. If you haven’t read this, but plan to? Please don’t click the spoiler tag. The whole book hinges on keeping you in suspense as to what the hell these things are, and why they’re trying to eat us.
If you’ve read this, then you might understand why I think the ending jumped the shark just a little bit.
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