Review: Demon Knights, Vol. 2: The Avalon Trap by Paul Cornell , Diogenes Neves (Illustrations), Bernard Chang (Illustrator), Robson Rocha (Illustrator)

Demon Knights, Vol. 2: The Avalon TrapDemon Knights, Vol. 2: The Avalon Trap by Paul Cornell

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I was absolutely in love with volume one of Demon Knights. I gushed, I cooed, I yammered on…like I do.
Yeah. This bullshit was pretty disappointing.
And maybe I’m just being a pissy little bitch because I’m bloated from all the turkey I ate, but I don’t think so.
I don’t even know what the fuck this was about…


What the hell is that?!
Is the sea dragon wearing a box of pirates on his head?
Why, yes. Apparently it is.
And that is just the tip of the stupidity!
Nothing about how this story was told made sense. It just kind of rambled around, never really going anywhere.
I’m not sure why this group was still together, I’m not sure what they were hoping to accomplish, and I’m still not sure about who half of them are.
Best part?
I don’t care!
I mean, how could they cancel a title with amazing characters such as:
As in, a woman…who must LIVE on her horse!
Question: What does she so when she needs to pee?
Or what about the Shining Knight? Or Random Amazon (can’t remember her name)? Or Inventor Dude (again…can’t remember his name)?
None of these guys played any kind of an important role in the story. And I’m not really sure there was a real story that happened here anyway.

Ugh. Not worth it.

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