Review: X-23: Target X by Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Michael Choi (Illustrator)

X-23: Target XX-23: Target X by Craig Kyle

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10 stars!
Read this! Just…read this!


This is a continuation of Kyle’s X-23:Innocence Lost, and it does not disappoint. If anything, it’s even better than the first one.

Everything is being told in flashbacks from Luara/X-23’s point of view, while she is being detained by Captain America…and represented by Daredevil.


X-23 goes looking for her mother’s family. In the last volume she and her cousin were both much younger, and her mother sent Laura in to save her niece from a serial killer.
Her cousin was told none of it happened, but she still has nightmares. Also, X-23’s aunt has hooked up with a smarmy boyfriend that isn’t helping the situation out any. The family dynamic was done very well here, and I loved that the aunt immediately took Laura into her home.

Meanwhile, the folks from the place that cloned her are hot on her trail. And they’ve sent in her handler, Kimura, who is a psychotic assassin that Laura is conditioned to be unable to harm.


*Important Spoilery Stuff Happens*

Since Laura was cloned from Wolverine’s DNA, and she has very limited self-worth at this point, she sets out on a mission to track him down.
And kill him.
Because she thinks if she’s nothing but a weapon that destroys everything, then how much worse must the guy she came from be, right?
Awww, yeah! It’s a


Yeah, it’s a surprisingly tender Snikt! fight. Which made more sense than if Wolverine had just carved her up, and left her bleeding.


Now that Matt and Steve have heard her story, it’s up to Cap to decide what to do with this little girl. He wants to prosecute her for all of the crimes she committed while under the control of the Facility that raised her, but Daredevil thinks that even if he turns her over to S.H.I.E.L.D., she’ll just be used as another weapon.
So what do they decide to do with her?


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