Review: Invincible: Ultimate Collection Volume 2 by Robert Kirkman

Invincible: Ultimate Collection, Vol. 2Invincible: Ultimate Collection, Vol. 2 by Robert Kirkman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brief Introduction:

After reading the first volume of Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s classic superhero comic “Invincible,” I just had to read the second volume of this fantastic series and see more of Mark Grayson and his family after the explosive and tragic revealation at the end of the first volume! “Invincible: Ultimate Collection Volume Two” is definitely one volume you do not want to put down!

What is the story?

After the tragic events in the first volume, Mark Grayson is starting to look at life in a different light now and must take over his father’s job of protecting Earth from villains. Throughout this volume, Mark will have to face various foes that he has never faced before, while trying to graduate from high school and make it to college!

What I loved about this comic:

Robert Kirkman’s writing!: As with the first volume, Robert Kirkman’s writing is just fantastic as not only are we shown more action scenes than we were shown in the first volume, but we also get so many emotional moments from the characters themselves. I loved the way that Robert Kirkman actually explored the turmoil that Mark and his mother suffered after what happened in the first volume (I really do not want to spoil the ending of the first volume since I want everyone to check this series out, but let me tell you, it truly was a shocker). Just seeing both Mark and his mother become so upset after the events of the first volume and trying to cope with the situation the best they can truly shows that these are characters who strongly relate to any person. Even though most superhero comics do deal with your typical super heroic action scenes, this was one of the few times I have actually read a superhero comic that actually explores a character’s emotions on a certain situation (okay, I actually read emotional content from some of the X-Men comics) and it was a truly sad experience to sit through when I was reading this comic and I often found myself sympathizing with Mark and his mother. I also loved the way that Robert Kirkman created many action scenes in this volume so that way you can stay interested in the storylines and enjoy the constant action scenes being shown in this volume! Again, I loved the way that Robert Kirkman wrote Mark Grayson’s character as Mark is shown to be an average teenage boy trying to juggle his time with high school and being a superhero and I love how he shows enthusiasm in being a superhero while trying to stay close to his friends despite his constant superhero duties.

Ryan Ottley and Bill Crabtree’s artwork: Done in about the same style as Cory Walker’s artwork in the first volume, Ryan Ottley has done a brilliant job at doing the artwork for this volume as the characters look a bit realistic and the facial expressions that shows whenever a character is upset or shocked is extremely well done. Bill Crabtree’s coloring is just as brilliant as before as the characters are brightly colored and I also loved the dark coloring being done whenever the characters are shown during the night time.

What made me feel uncomfortable about this book:

Like the first volume, there are many scenes of blood and gore, especially with various killings in this volume where characters are ripped apart and their insides are showing. Also, one small nitpick I had with this volume was that there were so many different stories being shown all at one time. In the first volume, we had one storyline that had several small events happening to the characters while each event led up to a bigger storyline that was unfolding. In the second volume, there are so many storylines going on at the same time such as Mark and his mother dealing with the tragic events of the last volume, Mark almost being married to the Queen of the Underwater Kingdom, and a time traveler named Angstrom Levy trying to save his timeline from a catastrophe. All of these events happening in one volume is often confusing and sometimes, half of the storylines do not really wrap up, which is irritating if you want to see the storyline all the way through.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, “Invincible: Ultimate Collection Volume Two” is a truly brilliant follow up to the first volume and anyone who is a huge fan of Robert Kirkman’s works or is a huge fan of superhero comics will definitely get a kick out of this series!


5 pows

Review: Invincible: Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1 by Robert Kirkman

Invincible: Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1


Invincible: Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1 by Robert Kirkman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All 5 stars, because it just doesn’t get any better!


I saw Robert Kirkman, and I was like, Isn’t that The Walking Dead guy?
And, yeah, I’ve read (and liked) TWD, but I’d rather read about capes ‘n tights.
And everyone knows that indie titles suck when it comes to making superhero comics, right?

So I was only a few issues into this when my son grabbed it and took off.
I’ve learned over the years that it’s easier (on me) to just find something else to read, than try to get my comics back from a teenage boy.
Also, I guess the neighbors think you “look odd” if you curse and throw your shoe at a kid…over comic books.
Apparently, that sort of thing is “frowned upon”.
At any rate, I didn’t think I’d see this one for a while.


So imagine my surprise when later that evening that same kid jumps onto the couch with me, and starts obnoxiously waving Invincible in my face.
Kid: Oh! Oh! Have you finished this?
Me: No, you little shit you stole it from me, remember?
Kid: Well, you gotta read it! Right now! It’s really good! Here!
*flapping pages in my face*

Me: Look, I’m just getting to a really good part in this other book.
Kid: What’s that one about?
Me: It’s a retelling of Rapunzel on the moon.
Kid: *blank look*
Me: It’s pretty cool. You want it when I’m done?
Kid: *blank look*
Me: Is that a no?
Kid: Do I look like I have tits?
Me: *sighs* You might like it…
Kid: If I grow a vagina, I’ll come back for it.
Me: *snatches Invincible out of his hand*
Kid: Would now be a bad time to ask you to Make Me a Sandwich?
You know, he moves pretty fast for a skinny white kid!

But the point is, the little turd was right about Invincible.
This one is sooo worth your time! It’s exciting, touching, and unexpectedly funny.


I loved this! Markus, his family, his friends…everything about this entire world! Loved it all!
But I’m so scared that I’ll spoil things if I start going on about it.
Just pretend that I’m just sitting on the couch with you, flapping this book in your face…ok?!

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