Review: Cyclops, Vol. 1: Starstruck by Greg Rucka

Cyclops, Vol. 1: StarstruckCyclops, Vol. 1: Starstruck by Greg Rucka

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s a touching Father/Son Road Trip story!
Except, it’s in space. And the father is a cosmic pirate using illegal drugs to keep himself alive. Oh, and the son was brought out of the past, so there’s actually another older more jaded version of himself running around trying to start a Revolution.
But besides that stuff, it’s your regular old road trip story.

In all seriousness, I thought this was pretty good. I’ve never read much about the Starjammers, so I had no idea who they are or what they do.

In my mind, I sort of envisioned this:


Shockingly, I was wrong.
Apparently, the Starjammers do NOT play instruments.

Not a guitar or eye-patch in sight:


The Starjammers are part of Marvel’s cosmic family, led by Scott & Alex Summers dad, Corsair.
Remember when Scott’s parents shoved him and his little brother out of that plane (with the only parachute) to save their lives?
Ok. So, it turns out they weren’t killed in the crash, they were actually abducted by aliens (I swear). After they (the Shi’ar) killed his wife, Corsair escaped and decided to…join the Starjammers & fight ’em, I guess.
What? I said I didn’t know much about the origins of this team!

Anyway, Corsair has already met Old Bitter Cyclops, but this is the first time Kid Cyclops.
Time to start fresh!


Alrighty, I don’t want to spoil the story, so I’ll just give the bare bones version of the plot.
Baby Cyclops + Corsair + Bonding Time + Bounty Hunters + Spaceship Crash + Deserted Planet + No Medicine + Hard Talk + Gotta Grow Up Fast + Suck It Up For Your Kid + Desperate Plan = Volume 1 of Cyclops


In the end, I really enjoyed this one. I wasn’t expecting much of anything when I cracked it open, so it was a pleasant surprise. It was kinda awesome to see a version of Cyclops that isn’t huffing and puffing and trying to blow S.H.I.L.E.D. down.
Not sure if everyone is going to love this, but I’ll definitely read the next volume.

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Review: Lazarus, Vol. 1 – Family – by Greg Rucka

Lazarus, Vol. 1: FamilyLazarus, Vol. 1: Family by Greg Rucka
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve heard all kinds of buzz about this, and I see what people like, but I feel like I’ve seen this before…
It’s trying to be Brubaker/Philips, but Rucka is usually decent enough, so I’m hoping there’s more to it than this.

I actually found the characters in-fighting of the family to be boring and predictable, a well powered family where there’s some incest and in-fighting? Doesn’t sound at ALL familiar…

I like the stuff with the other Lazarus, Joachim, there’s some potential there, and the father is obviously more than meets the eye, but the rest of it? Kinda run-of-the-mill.

Art’s decent but I feel like this is the RC Cola version of Brubaker/Philips.

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