Review: FF Volume 3


Writer:  Jonathan Hickman   Artist:  Juan Bobillo, Nick Dragotta

Four stars

Transcript of short interview with Dr. Victor Von Doom

Doom: You have been granted an audience with Doom, Ruler of Latveria. Kneel before Doom.

Jeff: I’m not kneeling. How do I know it’s really you and not a Doombot?

(Sound of electrical blast) (Screaming)

Doom: Face down on the floor. Good! Doom approves.

Jeff: Whahs thash really neshashary? (Getting up) Mind if I ask you a few questions?

Doom: Doom, Destroyer of Worlds grants you an audience.

Jeff: First, how do you fit Destroyer of Worlds on a vanity plate: DST F WLDS 1


Jeff: That’s pretty neat.

Doom: What is?

Jeff: Speaking in all capital letters. Kudos.

Doom: Doom will not broker such insolence. (Sound of flames)

Jeff: GAAAHH! (sounds of screaming, person rolling on floor and patting down clothes) Please stop, your immenseness.

Doom: Buffoon, Doom urges you to bide your tongue.

Jeff: In this particular graphic novel, you have a collar on courtesy of an evil, alternate universe Reed Richards. How did this happen?

Doom: Imbecile! Doom suggests you read Volume 2. Still, it was all part of Doom’s plan to destroy more worlds.

Jeff: I guess being outwitted by a five year old girl was part of the plan as well.

Doom: ENOUGH!!!

(sounds of a thundering roar, more screaming, and eventually an ambulance)