Review: The Fade Out #1; by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

The Fade Out #1The Fade Out #1 by Ed Brubaker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I feel like we’re spoiled by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. They go so well together, like PB&J, Cookies & Cream, Lono & Dead Hookers…they really are a dream team.
But it’s not like they’re doing anything crazy that’s changing boundaries or going outside of the norm; they’re just creating fucking awesome crime/noir stories that feel timeless. The kind of thing you read and are then convinced you’ve read before or seen a movie version of. (and I mean that as a total compliment, I’m not saying it’s just run of the mill).

Their latest, The Fade Out, seems to have a few things in common with ‘Satellite Sam’ Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin’s book about TV in NYC in the 50s. Except this book is in the movies in the late 40s in Hollywood, and is much better. There’s still sex, drugs, dames, scandal, but Ed and Sean show how to make it the best it can be. Every time I start a book of theirs, it feels like I flipped across the channels late at night and came across a great Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade movie, with the narration of the main character, all world weary, smoked a few too many cigarettes, had a drink or 5, and always had stories about women who’d done you wrong.

There really doesn’t seem to be much I can say about these guys, other than I hope they live forever, and keep producing such masterpieces. As much as I love Ed’s superhero work (Captain America especially) I think this really is his calling. Why he’s not making movies yet is beyond me. Screenplay, direct, whatever, I feel like Hollywood needs to take some of these and make them into the talkies.

So ya, I will for sure be checking out the rest of this series, and thanks to Humble Bundle and Image for a winner.

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