Stray Bullets Vol. 1 by David Lapham

Stray Bullets, Vol. 1Stray Bullets, Vol. 1 by David Lapham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So this is a collection of interwoven crime/noir stories. They’re interesting enough to keep your attention, also kind of depressing as many are about the pointlessness of violence, and what Stray Bullets can do…
It’s about broken lives, how they break over time, and showing the cumulative effects of bad decisions, violence, abuse, anger and rage, and crime.
Not every story seems to be connected, but I think if you read more of them and pay a bit more attention, you will find more. Kinda like Pulp Fiction without the music and comedy.

There’s definitely something, but it’s a sad kinda crime/noir that leaves you feeling like you spent 10yrs sitting alone in a crappy apartment with one lightbulb in a gravy-stained tank top drinking bourbon out of a paper bag with your revolver laying on the table beside you as you contemplate if you want to face another sunrise…
That docked a star for me, because I read it during the day and I was in a good mood…lol, now I’m all woeful and pessimistic.

Good solid stuff, Black and White adds to the atmosphere, I would read more, but I won’t go out of my way to rush.

Thanks again Humble Bundle!

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The Essential Incredible Hulk, Volume One


Writer – Stan Lee

Artists – Various

Three stars

This is prehistoric Hulk written by Stan Lee. The Hulk character was a tough one to draw a bead on and make compelling and most importantly, marketable, which is why the number of different versions of the Hulk in this volume alone will make your head spin. From brute to toddler brain to communicative lummox – does he sound like he grew up in Brooklyn or Iowa – is he gray or green? The only thing consistent is his pants – always purple. He even sports a pair of ugly-assed shorts for awhile. It’s no surprise that the original Hulk run lasted only six issues.

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