Review: Thor Vol. 3 – The Accursed; by Jason Aaron

Thor: God of Thunder, Vol. 3: The AccursedThor: God of Thunder, Vol. 3: The Accursed by Jason Aaron
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

OK…that was disappointing. Even more so because it’s Jason Aaron…

The first issue #12? That was a 5 star issue. It made me get all teary eyed, and was good solid stuff about a God who loves humans, yet still cannot always save them. Following on the heels of the God Butcher saga, this was a perfect approach to a more small scale and human approach to Thor. I loved everything about this issue. It also involves all 3 Thors at different points in history, showing the love he has always held for Midgard.

the rest of the book is a sorta LOTR gang from the 9 realms who try to hunt down Malekith, who escapes from Hel. Just a little too obvious until the end, but the ending was actually well done and sets up what will surely return as a bigger storyline down the road.

the final issue goes back to young Thor and is funny, but also shows him growing as a young God, learning about life and responsibility, alongside a drunken dragon. Yup. Thor and a dragon get shitfaced together….that’s the funny part.

So not amazing, good, but the middle lags a bit and is kinda boring.

If anything, get your hands on issue #12, because that’s the diamond of this collection, and one of the best Thor issues I’ve ever read. (Anne, this means you…don’t waste time on the whole TPB, just read #12)

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Review: The Mighty Thor Vol. 5 by Walt Simonson

Thor by Walter Simonson Volume 5Thor by Walter Simonson Volume 5 by Walter Simonson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OK, so this marks the end of Walt Simonson’s EPIC Thor run.
This is probably a 4-star collection on it’s own, but alongside the other 4 volumes, and when you look at what Thor was when we started it…5-Stars hardly seems good enough.

Thor here is broken, exposed, vulnerable, and not going to be saved by mighty Daddy (Odin). Loki is at his manipulating best, and even Hel is against Thor.

Loki’s plan is actually decent, and Thor’s response to keep himself alive is actually smart…

Thor’s new Armour is badass. Also, bearded Thor seems to have the brains of Odin as well as the brawn.

The supporting players get to be involved (Heimdall, Enchantress, Executioner, Sif, Hogun, Fandrall, etc.).

The interaction between Thor and Jormungandr (Midgard Serpent, who posed as Fin Fang Foom) is tremendous, both in hilarious wordplay (yes, Thor and wordplay…!) and the respect and jokes between 2 foes fated to destroy each other…When the actual throwdown takes place, Simonson is wise enough to devote a page to what some artists would try to contain in a panel. This helps expand the scope of the battle to an epic grandeur.

The final showdown does not disappoint, and fate cannot be avoided…

But Thor being a God, and this being the comic universe, death is not everlasting…but I sure would have been convinced of it were I reading it at the time.

Poor Loki…


This is a great conclusion to the Epic run, and I like where Simonson leaves Thor. He’s grown as a character, and when a writer can expand a character and make it seem natural and not forced, they’ve done a great job. I would suggest taking the time to read the whole 5 volumes, but if not, just try one. Mighty Thor indeed.

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