Review: Kingdom Come – by Mark Waid and Alex Ross

Kingdom ComeKingdom Come by Mark Waid
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This is just about as bad a book as DK2.

There is a Power Girl Boob joke at the end, almost as if Waid read this and realized it had not a single moment of levity.

This is dark and right wing reactionary garbage. It’s scary because it doesn’t seem far off. Everything new or different or changed is bad. Also everyone in the justice league except batman and flash just abandon everyone.

Throw in the weird religious blunt hammering over the head…just NOT my cup of tea.

I’ve now read 2 horrid books in a row…both from Warner Bros…hmmm…

Sam hit all the nails on his review. Mark Waid, what the fuck? You have obviously grown. Thank god. Just move to Marvel…look what happens.

This just feels like every other stupid dark reactionary DC book of the last 30 years…Alex Ross art just seems like an excuse for the writer to just take a turd on the pages, and hope no one reads it. Honestly, Ross’ art isn’t amazing anymore. It’s the same every time, and just seems tired. It also seems like this is Justice all over again.

I’m sure Alan Moore and Frank Miller would love it.

Please, do NOT read this. You’d be better served poking yourself in the brain with a rusty spoon.

The cover was green..but I won’t drag my beloved Green Theme Week into this…

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Review: The Torch


Writer:  Mike Carey  Artists:  Alex Ross (covers), Patrick Berkenkoter

Two and a half stars

There’s nothing scientific (or rational) about the way I pick graphic novels out at the local library. Usually I’m picking my son up, the library is closing in five minutes, the librarians are all standing around giving me the stink eye and I’m rushing through the library’s selection in a kind of haphazard way – maybe I’ll read Superman, I haven’t read Spider-man in awhile, why the hell doesn’t this library have more Deadpool, I’ve never read this author/genre/hero before… Which is how I ended up choosing this volume. The Torch, Alex Ross, hmm, this might be interesting.

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