Power Girl: Power Trip by Jimmy Palmiotti

Power Girl: Power TripPower Girl: Power Trip by Jimmy Palmiotti

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So…I dived into the latest Shallow buddy-read.

No one better than Power Girl to fulfil the criterion of an embarrassing amount of cleavage on display, am I right? I mean, she’s on the banner and all.
Though at this point it’s gone beyond the event horizon of cleavage…

Anyway, this is a fairly fun volume to read. I didn’t realize how big the page count was, so I kept wading through it, more and more confused. Then I glanced down (at my digital copy) and saw it was over 300 pages…

Most of PG’s random encounters with random villains, in the midst of a personal crisis about her identity. It’s more light-hearted after the initial Psycho-Pirate story, and generally I just found them vaguely entertaining, not riveting.

Can we just take a moment here to reflect on the fact that Psycho-Pirate looks and sounds like an antivirus software?

Terra was a cute addition to the cast, but honestly the cat was my favorite. The Vartox story was unexpected and Ultra Humanite got old really quick. I kept forgetting who Satanna was even though she kept turning up every other panel.

Generally the writing was okay, and while I really liked the surprise ending with Wonder Woman, I have to nitpick on how they never resolve PG’s fish-out-of-water syndrome. I spent a good chunk of time dealing with her identity angst and then suddenly she’s running a company? What on earth?

I see what you did there…I think.

The art was cute, matching the general cheeriness and I liked how they made PG’s eye-rolls really expressive. So overall, good for reading in chunks and to pass the time.

P.S. Even if I could swallow the reasoning behind the peekaboo bust, that doesn’t explain why PG’s outfit has such little coverage on her rear…

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