Justice League, Vol. 7: The Darkseid War, Part 1 by Geoff Johns

Justice League, Vol. 7: The Darkseid War, Part 1Justice League, Vol. 7: The Darkseid War, Part 1 by Geoff Johns

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

What in the world is this story?

On paper, I agree it seems like a great idea…Darkseid vs another evil titan and this conflict taking place on Earth.

But the reality was more like…

Some barely comprehensible backstory (I had to reread it to get the whole exchanging sons thing)
Some randomly distributed murders by Darkseid’s generalissimo (or is it Antimonitor’s, I forget)
Followed by this completely badass Darkseid’s daughter character (Grail?) whose motivations I don’t fully understand
Some more backstory about Grail and a gibberish prophecy, also something about Luthor’s heartless sister, all random
The Flash and Bats in CSI mode (I realize much later that this volume is part of DC Rebirth; until then confused by Flash’s presence)
Some other hero from Apokolips (well technically New Genesis, but semantics) whose real name (Scott Free) and hero name (Mister Miracle) both sound like detergents
The Justice League splits up like the Scooby Doo gang to best deal with the monumental threat of a planet conqueror and a planet destroyer fighting in a civilian area
Meanwhile I cannot tell Anti-Monitor and Darkseid apart, because similar Lego faces and coloring
Grail curb-stomps the Justice League and they just watch the destruction caused by the war like a tennis match
Some Leaguers go off with Miracle Man to see the know-it-all Metron to find a solution
Metron does not want to help anyone #badhairday
Batman cleverly overcomes this problem by shoving Metron off chair and sitting on it so he now knows everything #gameofthronesspoilers
Bats now has more twisted priorities than an insurance salesman, rambles on about the Joker’s identity (like I care?) and won’t get out that creepy computer throne

This is what happens when you don’t read up on stuff (in other words, this volume) before actually reading it. On the plus side, Grail’s character design is really cool. Too bad she isn’t a hero…

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