Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 3: Spider-Verse

Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 3: Spider-VerseAmazing Spider-Man, Vol. 3: Spider-Verse by Dan Slott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hey! It’s a crossover event that’s actually FUN!


I’ve been getting burned out on these events lately, but Spider-verse has more going for it than some of the other stuff I’ve read.
Now, I haven’t read all of the other titles in the crossover, but I had already read Edge of Spider-Verse, Spider-Woman, Vol. 1: Spider-Verse, & Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2: Spider-Verse Prelude. Which was enough for me to feel like I was getting the lion’s share of the story.
I may go back for some of the other titles later. Maybe.


The gist is that there is this family called the Inheritors who live on (I think!) Loomworld.

Their sole purpose is to suck the life force out of Spider Totems (read: Spider-men, Spider-woman, Spider-bots, Spider-animals, & Spider-babies).
Spider-ham! Yuuuuum…


Anyway, this is the volume where it all comes together! The final battle between the Inheritors & basically every Spider in the multiverse!
Boom! Pow! Sock! Ka-blam-o!


Yeah, yeah…sounds goofy, but there really are some awesome moments in this thing!
Including a showdown between Otto and Peter, as the Superior Spider-man tries to prove he’s got what it takes to lead in the future.


This is the conclusion of Doc Ock’s time as Spider-man, so fans of that title may want to read this in order to get one last glimpse of him.


Also, a pretty touching moment between Pete & Gwen…


Everyone’s favorite Ultimate Spider-man, Miles Morales, shows up, too! Among other things, he takes a trip to (what appears to be) the Cartoon Universe.
Dawwww! How cute!


And best of all?! THIS:


I don’t want to spoil how it all goes down, but there were plenty of things about it that made this one a great load of fun to read. At least, it was for me.
And visually? It was Amazing<–of course!

Now, if your aren’t into Spidey, then this may not be for you. It could be very confusing for someone who isn’t familiar with any of these characters, so I’m definitely not recommending this as a jumping-off point for any newbies. I honestly think it would be overwhelming unless you’re somewhat familiar with these characters.


However, if you do know a bit about these guys? Yeah, go for it! Spider-verse was highly entertaining, so I’d easily recommend it for hardcore fans.


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