Review: Irredeemable, Vol. 4

Irredeemable, Vol. 4Irredeemable, Vol. 4 by Mark Waid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Irredeemable volume 4 includes the Irredeemable Special (which wasn’t really all that special) and then continues on with the core story. The “Special” had some mildly interesting prequel stuff that focuses on Hornet, Kaiden, and Max Damage (of Waid’s other related series Incorruptible). And nope, I haven’t read that one yet. Some spoilery stuff to follow, but I’ll try and keep it to a minimum.


The next part of the book picks up with what’s left of the team following their run in with Uncle Sam at the conclusion of the last collection. Desperation is really starting to set in and the reality that they’re fucked is becoming more and more apparent.


Gil’s still dealing with what a dirty meat-socket his soon to be ex-wife is. Bette goes lookin’ for anybody that’s willing to overlook her shockingly selfish admission from the last book. Good luck with that.


A brawl with the Plutonian does even more collateral damage than expected, somebody learns Modeus’ secret, the Survivor continues to act like a douche, and another member of the Paradigm bites the dust.


Diego Barreto gives Peter Krause a break and handles the art chores in this one. Better? Nah, I actually like Krause better (and I’m not really a fan of him either). Still serviceable though. Paul Azaceta, Emma Rios, and Howard Chaykin all contributed about 5 or 6 pages to the “Special”. They were alright.


I’m continuing to enjoy this title and it’s still a recommend. You know Waid’s holding my attention when the next volume marks the halfway point for the series and I’m still down. Diggin’ out volume 5 right now.
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