Thor Vol.1: Goddess of Thunder by Jason Aaron

Thor, Vol. 1: Goddess of ThunderThor, Vol. 1: Goddess of Thunder by Jason Aaron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, then. There be a new face in the world of comics and she will trash- I mean the thrash whoever standeth in her way!

This was a joy to read. At long last, Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir, just gives up on him and decides to move on to better pastures. And who better to wield the hammer of the gods than…
Wait a second. WHO IS IT? Like really, who is this lady?

That is the main mystery of Goddess of Thunder and readers will be delighted to know that we never find out in this volume. In fact, they torture us in several panels with the possibility. But no, now I have to find the second volume.

That’s not all though. There’s some Frost Giant business brewing on Earth and Maleficent- sorry, Malekith is there to help stir the pot.

Let me just mention how much I like his character design. Look at that colour scheme, it’s so darn epic. He’s got Loki’s looks with Joker’s sensibilities and that goes about as well as you’d expect.

Somewhere along the way we pick up a billionaire Minotaur, Thor’s badass mother/queen goddess, some attack sharks and this dude whom everyone but Odin hates:

Tell me you didn’t imagine him with the voice of this guy:

Yeah, we get some major butt-kicking by Thor to Thor, some major villany by lots of people, some major stupidity by all-seeing Odin and some major feminism from the writers.

Maybe too much feminism. Female empowerment does not equate to girl villain giving up out of sisterhood at the sight of lady Thor.

The book is otherwise really clever, because it includes these things:

-Female Thor has an internal monologue that is very different from she actually says (i.e she speaks normal English), suggesting that the power of Mjolnir is contagious?

-Freyja, Thor’s mom, doing a way better of job of ruling than Odin ever did, but not getting acknowledged for it

-A tiny cameo by the Avengers

-An antagonist that’s actually scary

-Everybody trying to pick up the hammer

-Truly fabulous art that is both grand and simple

-Sly humor


Go forth and read this one, my friends.

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