ConvergenceConvergence by Jeff King
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is doubtless a book of great importance for whatever is going to happen with the DCU going forward. Make no mistake, there are actual huge, world-shaking changes here. Which makes it such an incredible shame that this book just isn’t good. I guess DC wasn’t expecting it to be, considering that they gave the assignment to a writer who had apparently never written a comic before. Put yourself in the office of DC editorial for a moment and ask yourself why in God’s name they would put a major event that will have huge ramifications for their entire line in the hands of a newbie. I just don’t get it, and probably the book suffers as a result. I mean, I’m assuming this could have been better in the hands of a more practiced and nuanced writer, but who knows.

The biggest problem with the book is that all of the events are entirely lacking in motivation. Why are all these worlds (or rather, cities standing in for worlds) being brought together in the first place? Why do we need to thin the herd to only one? Why the immense battles between them? What is this all supposed to accomplish? The answer, on an editorial and in-universe level, is a the equivalent of a noncommital shrug. This is happening because it’s happening, that’s why. It is incredibly hard to get invested in a story that’s happening not because it makes logical or narrative sense. And in this book, it’s very obvious that the story was haphazardly slapped together around the end result.

I’m not even going to bother talking about the characters. They’re so cardboard that I can’t connect to them, and they spend an incredible amount of time just standing around and talking. For a book that’s centered around a battle between realities, there’s surprisingly little action.

Really, this was all about reversing Flashpoint and, apparently, Crisis on Infinite Earths. It’s far too soon for me to say how I feel about that idea. Yes, that does give DC writers the freedom to do whatever they want without worrying too much about continuity. But since when have comics writers been overly concerned with continuity anyways? And how will the average reader be able to follow what’s going on? Until I see what exactly this means and how it will be handled, I’m not sure yet what the final verdict on this event will be. On paper, DC You could be good. In practice? We’ll see.

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