Review: Irredeemable Vol. 2

Irredeemable, Vol. 2Irredeemable, Vol. 2 by Mark Waid
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Waid wastes no time kickin’ it up a notch in the second collection. This is where Irredeemable really starts to gain some depth. Mark starts to flesh out his characters and even manages to throw in a few surprises for this jaded comic geek. Loved the twist towards the end. Should’ve seen that one comin’.


Vol. 2 reveals which straw finally broke the camel’s back for the Plutonian. He really goes off the deep end in this one kids. As if annihilating cities was enough, he starts in with a psychological warfare campaign that speaks to just how shit-house rat crazy he’s become.


What’s left of Paradigm takes a field trip the Plutonian’s crib. Should have called him the Stalkenator. And if that’s not weird enough, how’s about a day-care of death too. It’s like the Fortress of Solitude on bath-salts. Freak.


Volt gets an origin story in this one. Pretty fun. You’re also gonna find out why he’s stuck manglin’ his midget with his right hand from here on out. No more “strangers” for him.


Peter Krause’s art is consistent. Again, not my favorite in terms of style or panache’, but certainly functional. It’s growing on me and it definitely hasn’t taken away from my overall enjoyment of the series so far.


Great 2nd volume. So far among the best stuff I’ve read by Mark Waid and absolutely worth checking out. For those of you that enjoyed the carnage of the first book. Plenty more to enjoy here. This collection adds in one dismemberment, a few more dead kids, and a fetish alert that’s probably gonna leave you one satisfied customer.

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