Review: The Ghost Fleet Vol.1: Deadhead

Ghost Fleet Volume 1 DeadheadGhost Fleet Volume 1 Deadhead by Donnie Cates
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another indie book that rocked. Marvel and DC had better watch their asses. Lately it’s been Image that’s been hookin’ it up for me. Nice to see Dark Horse comin’ out with something that’s exactly my bag. Being an action guy, this book hooked me quick. Not that I don’t appreciate the occasional thought provoking page turner, but for a quick fix, a little violence makes for an easy sell to me.


Deadhead is a short introduction to the origins of the Ghost Fleet and a couple of characters I assume will be at the central to the storyline. In the spirit of continuing to provide short, spoiler free reviews, I’ll sum it up like this. The Ghost Fleet is a secret organization that has specialized in the secure transportation of secret cargo with no questions asked for the right price. The story focuses mainly on a pair of guys that act as security for the cargo. Of course, when you deal in what amounts to high profile smuggling and the cash and cargo that goes with it, something’s gonna go wrong. And it does. Really wrong.


This book also focuses on the relationship between Trace and Ward. Their essentially a pair of couriers or armed escorts that are assigned to accompany one of the shipments the Ghost Fleet’s haulin’. They obviously have a history too. Donny Cates is taking his time getting to exactly what that is, but he did start pulling the curtain back just a bit in this book. I’m certainly curious to see more. There was also a weird, sorta supernatural thing goin’ on throughout and especially towards the end. Not sure where Donny intends to go with this, but I’m interested. Just not 100% sold I’m gonna ultimately dig it. We’ll see.


As with most “origin” stories, it does suffer a bit from having to take the time to establish the framework necessary to support the rest of the ongoing tale. And this collection’s a bit short. I would have preferred a 6 or 8 issue volume versus the 4 issues collected here. I’m greedy like that.


As far as the art, I liked it. Not familiar with Daniel Johnson, but I though he did a good job with the layouts, character designs, and most importantly, the action. He reminded me a bit of another artist that I was recently turned on to named Scott Godlewski. Scott’s currently drawing Image’s Copperhead. Another good book.


If you’re a fan of mindless 80’s action movies with a bit of mystery/thriller mixed in, you might wanna give this one a try. It’s not required reading yet, but it definitely was a fun way for me to kill time. So I’ll be back to find out what happens down the road with the Ghost Fleet.

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