Review: Thor, Vol. 1: Goddess of Thunder by Jason Aaron , Russell Dauterman (Illustrator)

Thor, Vol. 1: Goddess of ThunderThor, Vol. 1: Goddess of Thunder by Jason Aaron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve been waiting quite a while to get my hands on all 5 of these issues, and Marvel Unlimited finally came through for me!


Most of this story was worth the wait! Loved the new chick, loved the politics on Asgard, loved Maaal…Maleket…the badass dark elf’s part in everything, and loved how Thor reacted for the most part.

So, Thor lost his worthiness to wield Mjolnir at the end of Original Sins. And nobody knows what the hell Fury whispered in his ear that caused him to drop it, but Thor has been sobbing and cuddling with the hammer ever since, trying to win back its love.


Mystery Thor shows up on the moon after everyone has left to go fight Frost Giants, and snatches it right up…no problem.


So who is this new Thor?!
Well, don’t expect to get any answers out of this volume!
Yeah, yeah. Most of you already knew that. But I’d been purposely avoiding everything spoilery since this title started. Do you know how hard that’s been? Ugh. Anyway, I wanted to wait till I could read this volume for myself. So, when I got to the end of that last issue and I still didn’t know who Lady-Thor was? Fuck you, I’ll call her that if I want to! I felt a mighty disappointment. Because god knows when MU will release enough issues for me to read the next volume…
So. I did it. I went ahead and read the spoilers.
Hmmm. Ok.


There were some great scenes in this one, and there were some not so great scenes in this one. But, overall, I thought Goddess of Thunder was a winner.
I was almost annoyed that old Thor insisted on fighting new Thor, but then it turned into a parody of the usual When-Two-Heroes-Meet-They-Gotta-Fight trope, so it won me over. Plus, since Thor thought his mother might be the one behind the mask, it had a funny ending…


Not everything was quite as funny to me.
The idea that a female villain is going to just say:
Oh! I’m so impressed with the strides you’re making in feminism! I’m going to just give up, let you whack me in the head, and then haul me off to jail…simply because we both have a vag!

First, she’s not the first or only female hero out there.
Second, this chick wouldn’t care even if she was!
Hello? Hardened criminal? She just wants to steal shit and move on, not make a statement about women in the workplace. But thanks for shoehorning that in there for all of us lady-readers…I guess?


As long as I’m on a bitchy roll, I may as well get it all out.
So why does Thor give this new chick his name? Why can’t she just be the Jane Doe, Goddess of Thunder? I mean, it makes no sense!
What? All of the Avengers are going to have to stop calling him Thor and start calling him Odinson, now? That’s stupid!
If I lost the ability to drive my minivan (my equivalent to Mjolnir), and somebody else had to drive it, I wouldn’t start calling them Anne.
I’m still Anne. Just a minivanless Anne!
I’m all for more female superheros. We need them, we want them, and it’s long past time that comics started representing a huge part of their readership with a bit more respect.
I think they can do that without renaming characters.
{end rant}


However, this was so much fun to read that I overlooked most of the stuff that bugged me. It’s fun, and this new Goddess of Thunder kicked ass!
Oh! I also enjoyed Sif’s cameo. I would love to see more of her in something.
Anything! Maybe even a title of her own?
*big pleading eyes*


Anyway, even if I didn’t agree with everything, I thought it was a great concept, and a blast to read!
Definitely Recommended.

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