Black Science, vol. 3: Vanishing Point

Black Science, Vol. 3: Vanishing PointBlack Science, Vol. 3: Vanishing Point by Rick Remender
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

(Received from Netgalley for review)

I’m afraid I have to throw in the towel on this series. The first volume was fantastic. It was sharp and fun, and while it wasn’t always terribly creative and original, it was still done well. Volume two was a bit of a disappointment. It just felt so cliche, and the characters who fascinated me in volume one were dull by volume two. I read volume three hoping that it would be more like volume one. No such luck.

The actual story just bored me. Plague world, yawn. Magical cure, of course. And the characters have gone from dull to annoying. I swear, there was more nuance to each of them in the first volume, and here they read like third hand caricatures of their original appearances. I really don’t understand how Remender could so completely fritter away such an incredible start so quickly. It’s really incredibly disappointing, because I really did love volume one, and I badly wanted this book to get better. Not so much.

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