Review: New Suicide Squad: Pure Insanity Vol. 1

Pure Insanity (New Suicide Squad #1)Pure Insanity by Sean Ryan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


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Dammit, I really wanted to like this one. With a couple of minor tweaks, I probably could have. Sadly, it missed the mark for me.


What’s strange about it is the LOVE/HATE factor for me with this one. Examples. I love Harley. She’s corny, kooky, and a sociopathic killer. But, I’m not sold on her going toe to toe with a bunch of Special Forces soldiers and tearing them up like it ain’t no thang. She’s a shrink, not a Navy Seal. I love Deadshot. His cynical sense of humor combined with his cock-sure arrogance is a winner for me. But I HATE the new duds(I know they’ve been around for awhile, I’m just ignoring them). He looks like he’s got some kinda bondage fetish now. I love Deathstroke. He’s actually pretty well written here and his dialogue rings true. But again, WTF is up with that uniform?! It’s like Jim Lee channeling his inner Rob Leifeld. I love Amanda Waller. She’s a smart, mean, take no shit kinda woman. And it turns out we both like pulled pork. Accept now she only has pulled pork once a week between salads with no roll because she cutting carbs so she can fit into her size 1. Does EVERY woman in the book need to be 36-24-34. Bring back the fat. Actually, there was a supporting cast secretary that was on the chubby side. But I got the feeling that DC is just trying to throw her in there in an attempt to cover their ass in case of any back-lash for trimming down Waller. I love Black Manta. But why the hell is this guy running around Russia, one thousand miles from the ocean with a scuba tank and diving helmet. Give the guy something to wear when he’s not in the water throwing down with Aquaman for gods sakes. His neck and back have gotta be jacked.


The stories themselves were alright. The dialogue wasn’t bad. The interactions between some of the characters was actually kinda fun at times. Sean Ryan has some good ideas, they just didn’t all fall into place.


What I flat out didn’t like. The Joker’s Daughter. Ugh. Even the name. WTF. Sorry to those of you that dig her, but she’s LAME. I know nothing about her back story and I just don’t give a shit. Victor Sage being a whiny pussy. I kept waiting for Waller to bitch slap the dude. I didn’t like the way the team switched out half way through either. I don’t have an issue with characters rotating in and out. Just didn’t flow for me. Professor Zoom’s new Witchblade-ish outfit was pretty bad too. I also didn’t like the disposable Man-bat ninjas. One of them could actually make for an interesting character given a little more time and attention.


Despite my issues with the costumes, the art itself was ok. I just HATE some of the character designs. Not that you have to stay with the original forever(some of them are pretty dated), just that some of these were a little to 90’s for me. Deathstroke’s armor and foot thick sword, Deadshot’s gimp outfit, and Waller’s bulimia were all just weak.


Maybe I went into this one with unrealistic expectations, but Pure Insanity just fell flat for me. I would only recommend this one to die-hard fans of the team or prior Suicide Squad collections. Otherwise you can probably do better.
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