Review: Pure Insanity (New Suicide Squad #1) by Sean Ryan

Pure Insanity (New Suicide Squad #1)Pure Insanity by Sean Ryan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Harley is still cool in this, so that’s a plus.
But Pure Insanity is a pretty good description of the plot. Lots of things go
lots on infighting, and lots of team members come and go without much fanfare.


Deadshot, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Joker’s Daughter, and Manta make up the first round of teammates, but it doesn’t last very long. Deathstroke (it’s apparently mandated that he worms his way into every title possible) quickly leaves the team because of {insert spoilery reasons}.
Joker’s Daughter is another one that doesn’t last, and I, for one, was not sad to see her go. It appears that her superpower is running around screeching about that precious skin she wears on her face.
Her secondary power is pissing Harley off.


Deadshot is out of action fairly quickly as well, but he’s still on the roster, so he pops up every now and then in the story. After the first mission, Manta emerges as the leader, and stays in that position while Deadshot rests his legs in a wheelchair.


Captain Boomerang, Reverse Flash, and a whole mess of Man-Bat ninjas (no, that wasn’t a typo) all end up on the team for the next mission.
The Man-Bats really made me miss Shark King’s intelligent conversations…


As far as the missions go, they were all pretty typical ‘espionage against other countries’ kind of jobs. First up, Russia! Next up, China!
The Suicide Squad is basically just sent in to disrupt any sort of next-gen weaponry that isn’t being created by American scientists.



The (now gorgeous) Amanda Waller has problems of her own with her new bureaucratic co-partner, but it’s nothing she can’t handle.
She’s gonna wash that man right out of her hair…


Toward the end, the inept team manages to accidentally unleash (read: Harley pushes the wrong button) a superhero from China that was created by their scientists to become a weapon. It never says who he is, but the character looks like he’s going to become some sort of good guy.
Good job, Harley!


Overall, this didn’t suck. And I was really prepared for it to be an effort to slog through. So when it didn’t kill me, I was kinda shocked!
Nothing incredible here, but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever read, either.

I received a digital copy of this book for review from NetGalley and the publisher.

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