Review: Wonder Woman Vol. 5: Flesh

Wonder Woman, Vol. 5: FleshWonder Woman, Vol. 5: Flesh by Brian Azzarello

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I prefaced my last Wonder Woman review with one for the guys. Well ladies, it your turn. It took me a half a roll of duct tape to pull off the tuck under necessary to sport this outfit. Enjoy.


Azzarello’s finally starting to bring all the pieces together with this volume. In addition to the Wonder Woman issues featured, this one also reprints Wonder Woman 23.2 First Born. It’s an even more detailed origin for the guy that’s been kicking everybody’s ass over the past 2 volumes. Not sure it was really necessary, but I appreciated that it’s been included here. Certainly explains in more detail why he’s so fucked up. I think this guy had sex with a hyena.


As if bestiality wasn’t enough, Azzarello also adds cannibalism to the menu. Apollo relaxes while Dio filets his half-brother like a London Broil. Talk about poking the angry bear. Apollo then continues to try to convince himself and the other gods that he’s here to stay. F.B. might have something to say about that.


Strife hovers about trying to live up to her namesake. I’m still struggling to figure out what this bitch’s angle is or if she just enjoys screwing with everybody.


Wonder Woman goes toe to toe with Artemis yet again. I like that Diana is starting to be a bit more cunning with this volume. The god of War should be a warrior and a tactician after all.


Dio has some alone time with Zola and Baby Zeke. They end up going hunting for “truffles”. Turns out it’s not exactly what Zola, or I for that matter, was expecting. Something seriously wrong with most of these gods. She has a baby for shits-sake. Weirdo.


And what the hell is up the gimp in the Minotaur cosplay? He better not have a ball gag on under there.


Finally, it all comes down to this. Its winner take all in the biggest scrap yet. Apollo is going to get a chance to put his money where his mouth is as the First Born steps up to take him on. Good luck dude, he had sex with a hyena.


Same group of artists as in previous volumes and the same consistent quality of work. Azzarello’s Wonder Woman continues to please. It’s getting a bit strung out at this point and, while I know I’ll be sad when this run is over, it’s probably about time to wrap it up.

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