Review: The Flash, Vol. 6: Out of Time by Robert Venditti

The Flash, Vol. 6: Out of TimeThe Flash, Vol. 6: Out of Time by Robert Venditti

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fast-paced & action-packed!
Unfortunately, I have no idea what just happened…

Warning: Here Be Spoilers!
Ok, I’m going to try not to spoil everything in the story for you, but I’m not making any guarantees. Add in the fact that I’m actually not quite sure what happened in this volume, and I think you’re probably safe.


Time-travel stories like this are where Flash loses a lot of mainstream fans. I personally think, when used sparingly, time-travel can be a great plot device for characters like this one. They can be fun!

Did you hear me, DC? SPARINGLY.

You can use it to correct stories that were totally FUBAR from the get-go, or fix shit that idiot writers may have fucked up. You can also use it to reboot your entire universe, and give everything a glossy new make-over…
But just because you have a character who can time-travel, doesn’t mean they should. I mean, at some point, it makes the stories you’re telling mean nothing, because the readers just assume that none of it is written in stone. We’re already dealing with Lazarus pits, magic, and alien tech that can all resurrect the dead. So we’re used to the Surprise! It was really my evil twin that died! sort of soap opera mentality that comes with reading comic books. But to have years worth of continuity wiped out by a single issue?
Sparingly, please…


So, who’s the man in blue?
Well, it’s Future Flash, of course. He’s racing through time to fix shit. Again. Only this time he’s a bit unhinged.
Something happened when Reverse Flash (Daniel West) plowed through the timeline a while back. In our time, Barry is noticing that he is (still don’t understand this totally) losing time when he starts speeding from one place to another.
But wouldn’t he just sort of make up the time he’s losing, since he’s gong faster than normal, you ask?
Barry is losing time!
So the entire volume is filled with our Barry here in the present, plus future Barry going steadily backward in time. Our Barry is still trying to deal with the aftermath of the Crime Syndicate thing, his relationship with not Iris Patty, and a new version of Wally.
Meanwhile, future Flash is making stops all along the timeline, to fix all the things he couldn’t the first time around.

Ok, in my effort not to spoil everything, I can only say that ‘characters’ die, get saved, get powers, go back in time, and die…again.
Or do they?
Are they still alive in this this timeline, but with a changed future? Will they still get powers, or was that a one-time thing caused by future Flash? Is the timeline safe? Did anything really change?
And the soap opera goes on…

In the end, I can’t say it was a bad story. Great pacing, lovely art, and characters that I really like.
It’s just the fucking time-travel that rakes my nerves.
For the love of God…SPARINGLY!

Thanks to NetGalley & the publishers for a digital review copy.

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