Review: Wonder Woman Vol. 4: War

Wonder Woman, Vol. 4: WarWonder Woman, Vol. 4: War by Brian Azzarello

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Linda Carter. The one and only Wonder Woman. Also responsible for the repeated laundering of my bed sheets in the early 80’s. Couldn’t get through another review without at least one gif of the first woman I ever loved. So how about the book?


Diana and her crew have finally come together like one big happy family. At least until she threatens to rip Orion’s nuts off. I’m wondering if the kids can pull it together long enough to face off against the First Born and have them all make it out in one piece. The gods continue to conspire against one another high atop the Mt. Olympus office building while sunning and sipping wine like a bunch of mob wives. It’s still up in the air as to where any of their loyalties lie.


Speaking of the First Born. He’s still goin’ at it with Poseidon after the cliff hanger at the end of the last volume. F.B. still proving to be more of a handful than any of these gods thought.


The good guys also take a field trip to New Genesis to pay a visit to the High Father. You can clearly see that Cliff Chiang wanted to pay tribute to Jack Kirby and his creations with his artwork and it’s great. Love that he gives the O.G. some respect. I’m still liking Orion too. He isn’t the “deepest” guy, but he’s got that “scoundrel with a heart of gold” thing that I’ve loved since the first time I saw Han Solo on screen.


Next up on the fight card its War vs. the First Born. Of course, War brought an army. This one proves to be an all-out brawl that isn’t going to end well for somebody. Diana’s role in all of this is about to change and I’m not sure she’s ready for what she’s gonna have to do. Looks like I’m gonna to have to wait to see in Vol. 5.

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