Review: Wonder Woman Vol.3: Iron

Wonder Woman, Vol. 3: IronWonder Woman, Vol. 3: Iron by Brian Azzarello

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Iron is Azzarello’s 3rd Wonder Woman collection and I haven’t been disappointed yet. This Volume starts out with a nifty little throw-back issue that’s half tribute to early Wonder Woman comics and half a recounting of Diana’s history with the Greek god, War. When I first opened this issue I was skeptical, not being a fan of old school comics, but don’t let that first impression fool you, it fits right in with the rest of Azzarello’s previous stuff.


Then it’s on to the First Born. Azzarello has shown a knack for writing frightening characters throughout his career in books like 100 Bullets and Joker. The First Born is no different. Scary as balls. I mean “you really don’t wanna run into this guy in a dark alley” scary. Considering his origin, it’s no shock he’s a Bad Mother Fucker. And the first scene, when he meets the good Dr. Duerson, is a great introduction to the character. Oh, and ladies, he’s sans pants for issue or so. Azzarello lookin’ out for the home-girls. Respect.


Couple of other highlights included the gods having a pool party (and yes, Aphrodite is there and she’s rockin’ her birthday suit). Marco…..never mind.


Diana goes looking for another one of Zeus’ little bastards, Siracca (not a hot sauce) and might be sorry she found her. That Zeus must be one manwhoribilicous dude. No wonder he just disappeared, his child supports gotta be through the roof. Liked the cool little nod via word balloon to Supes and 100 Bullets in the one scene too


Orion finally makes his first official appearance and I’m diggin’ the New 52 version of him. Not to much different from the old one. I warmed up to him after his guest spots on the Justice League cartoons and he’s pretty much true to character with that guy. He’s also one of the few that could get away with slapping Diana on the ass and not end up in traction. Heh, he called her “Legs”.


Crazy little brawl between the First Born and Poseidon shows us just what F.B. is made of.


Bunch of artists put in time on the volume. Chiang does the heavy lifting, but he does get a hand from Tony Akins, Dan Green, Goran Sudzuka, Amilcar Pinna, and good ole’ Rick Burchett. All of their work is consistent and no one stood out as a stinker to me. Chiang is still my fav. I failed to mention the dope little sketchbooks included at the end of these hardcover editions. Nice way to top off the books.


If you like the other Wonder Woman stuff that Azzarello’s done, you’ll probably dig on this.

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