Review: Detective Comics, Vol. 6: Icarus (Detective Comics Vol. II #6) by Francis Manapul

Detective Comics, Vol. 6: IcarusDetective Comics, Vol. 6: Icarus by Francis Manapul

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

Icarus is basically where we learn that Drugs are bad, M’kay…


Honestly, I’m just not a big fan of the Batman fights Drug Dealers stories, so right away this one lost big points with me. And it’s not because I think a crack pipe make you looks more distinguished, or that giving $5 blowjobs behind a dumpster is classy.
It’s just… Well, I was a child during the 80’s, and I was literally saturated with cheesy anti-drug propaganda.
I’m full! Seriously.
No thank you, Nana. I don’t want another helping. Please, for the love of God, don’t put any more on my plate, woman!

But for some reason, it seems like it’s mandated that superheroes fight the evil drug lords every now and then. And who knows? Maybe Manapul is the sacrificial lamb who drew the short straw a few months ago?
Or perhaps he really thought this was a groundbreaking story…


Unbelievably, once you scrape all of the cheese off of the top, this has a decent Batman story underneath it.
Icarus ain’t what your granny used to get high, kids (so you can stop rummaging around in her medicine cabinet), ’cause this shit is da bomb!
Like, your insides will catch on fire, and you’ll explode.


A woman who wants to help change Gotham is found dead of an overdoes on Bruce Wayne’s front steps. Naturally, he becomes a prime suspect in her death, and Harvey Bullock is determined to bring him down. Of course, he also wants a piece of Batman, and with Gordon behind bars, there’s no one to reign in Bullock’s distrust of the Dark Knight.
Believe it or not, the Harvey/Batman showdown was actually pretty good!


This is a Bullock-heavy volume, and you kind of get a better peek at the man who was constantly at Gordon’s side for all of these years. Manapul does an excellent job with this character, and I enjoyed reading more about the different aspects of his personality.


Ok, now let’s talk about the real star of the show.
The art.
It is honestly one of the best things about this volume. Beautiful!


The colors, the expressions, and even the page layouts were just fantastic. I can’t say enough how much I visually loved the way this was put together.


There’s an issue at the end called Chaos Theory that ties together random events from the volume, and puts everything in a new light. It was very well done, and centers on Batman helping a young mentally challenged boy who is being abused & neglected by his father. Unbeknownst to Bruce, this ends up being a pivot point for the entire plot.


In the end, I’d say this is not required reading, but it turned out to be an impressively decent Batman story. I waffled between 3 and 4 stars for quite a while, and I’m leaning closer to 4 the more I think about it.
However, I’m just so biased against the anti-drug stuff that I don’t think I can actually stomach giving a full 4 to anything with that as the underlying plot.

Thanks to NetGalley & the publishers for a digital copy to review.

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