Review: Killing Girl Vol.1 A Sister’s Love

Killing Girl, Volume 1: A Sister's LoveKilling Girl, Volume 1: A Sister’s Love by Glen Brunswick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Yep, she’s wearing machine gun panties. This one’s another shallow comic read recommended by my pal Gavin. Killing Girl Vol. 1 A Sister’s Love is nothing terribly original. It echoes of a few movies (Kill Bill and La Femme Nikita) and some other books (Lady Snowblood, Polar Vol. 2 Eye For An Eye, or Black Widow Vol. 1 The Finely Woven Thread) I’ve read before. But it didn’t stop me from enjoying it. I like tough chicks. So much I married one. And Sara’s one tough chick.


Rescued from prostitution and trained as a killer from childhood, Sara is lethal. Of course, she eventually runs afoul of her handlers and ends up on the run. Only, she can’t remember huge parts of her former life. So she sets herself on digging into her past to find out what’s what. You can pretty much guess the rest.


The artwork was different. Tough to follow in spots, but I ultimately appreciated it for being a little more unique. Frank Espinosa (whom I preferred) drew issues 1 and 2 and Toby Cypress finished up on 3, 4, and 5. Neat little gallery at the end of this one.


Overall I liked it and would say that if you enjoy bad girls that kick ass it’s worth checking out.

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