Review: Bad Ass Vol. 1 Dead End

Bad Ass Volume 1Bad Ass Volume 1 by Herik Hanna
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Bad Ass Vol 1: Dead End is pretty much the definition of shallow comics. The back cover blurb nails it with the Deadpool and Kickass comparisons. No deep philosophical meanings, subtle metaphors, or sophisticated plot layering here kiddies. Just good old fashion, balls out violence and not a whole lot more than that. Which I’m totally cool with.


Being a fan of “revenge fantasies” I got to likin’ Dead End pretty quick. He’s a wise ass. That scores him some points. He’s definitely not a hero. Calling him an anti-hero is probably a stretch at times too. Jack (that’s Dead End’s real name) has been getting the shit end of the stick for quite a while and he’s out to make up for lost time by havin’ himself a big ole’ helpin’a git-back. He’s got a techie buddy named Terry and a transformer-ish car named Bob to lend a hand along the way. Bob’s got a problem with imported cars that’s pretty funny.


Bruno Bessadi’s art is sweet. Reminded me a bunch of Carlos D’Anda at times. His character designs were cool and I think that it was his artwork that really won me over with this title. Hope to see more of him on other titles down the road.


Really not much else to report. I would say check it out if you’re a nerd that got picked on in high school (like me), enjoy mindless action movies, or are a fan of Kickass , because it’s clearly a large part of the inspiration behind this one. And thanks to Jonathan for the recommend!

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