Review: Polar Volume 2: Eye for an Eye

Polar Volume 2 Eye for an EyePolar Volume 2 Eye for an Eye by Víctor Santos

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like Genndy Tartakovsky on a fuckton’a molly, Victor Santos serves up another short, but violently sweet little ditty about a girl that’s out for a little revengeance. Just like in Santos’s “Polar: Came From The Cold”, the artwork takes center stage. Amazing black, white, and red layouts from cover to cover. Victor pushes this trimmed down color palate to the limit and is able to create some uniquely amazing stuff reminiscent of Frank Miller’s early (and superior) Sin City work.


The story is a not so original “girl done wrong and wants some get back” tale that’s been played out before. Although, when it’s done right, I never really get tired of it. And while Lady Snowblood, Kill Bill, Hanna, and Le Femme Nikita have done all this sorta thing previously, Santos still managed to suck me in. I liked the way he included his original protagonist, The Black Kaiser (From “Came From The Cold”), in this one too. The one-eyed old man was well suited to the role he played.


Little bonus track at the end for all you Black Kaiser fans too. Wonder how he lost that eye? You’re gonna find out. Victor also added a few more colors to the mix with his artwork in this one and it’s just as stunning as his other stuff. Nice little surprise him adding this story at the end.


I’m recommending this one to anyone that appreciated Santos’s first book, is a fan of revenge fiction, or likes any of the above artwork. I wasn’t disappointed by Victor’s follow up one bit. Keep’em coming sir.

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