Review: Superman Unchained by Scott Snyder, Jim Lee (Illustrations)

Superman UnchainedSuperman Unchained by Scott Snyder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one worked for me, but it may be because I’m already a huge fan of the character. I genuinely like Superman. I think that it’s awesome for a superhero to be a reallyreallyreally decent person who is always striving to do the right thing.
And, yeah, that makes him pretty vanilla to a lot of readers.
Superman Unchained is supposed to (I’m guessing from the title) show off his badass side.


My favorite part of this wasn’t Superman going nuclear on bad guys, though.
In no small part, that’s due to the fact that I didn’t really think he was anymore ‘unchained’ in this thing than in his regular titles. I mean, he’s a freakin’ BEAST! Unless he goes off the reservation, there’s not much more he can show off power-wise, you know?
No, the part of the storyline I loved was the friendship stuff between him and Batman. The dialogue between the two of them reminds me why I loved the old Superman/Batman comics so much. Nicely done, Snyder!
And it doesn’t hurt that Jim Lee is fantastic at bringing out Clark’s inner cool guy with his artwork.

Growr! Kansas FTW!


The plot?
Well, shit falls from the sky, nuclear weapons go off, alien technology is misused, General Ross Lane wants to destroy Hulk Superman, and there’s a Secret Weapon called Wraith being wielded by the military that follows directions too well.
Oh, and Lois saves Superman’s ass again.

I also enjoyed flipping through the collected covers in the back of this one.
For some reason, this was my favorite.


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