Review: The Flash, Vol. 5: History Lessons by Brian Buccellato

The Flash, Vol. 5: History LessonsThe Flash, Vol. 5: History Lessons by Brian Buccellato

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don’t know what to say about this.
It’s just…I have yet to feel fully captured by a solo Flash title.
I honestly love Barry Allen’s character. He’s sweet, funny, loyal, and makes a great addition to any team-up, but… on his own?
Such a blah story.
I would lovelovelove to see a writer take this title on, and then make it exciting and fun. I know it can be done. And I know it can be done without turning Barry into a dark version of himself or some other nonsense.


As it is, I’m still ambivalent to this title.


Up first was a nice team-up with Hal Jordan that showed how they met.
Green Lantern & Flash! BFF’s FOREVAH!


The story had an old school feel to it that was sorta sweet & fun, but there wasn’t any real meat to that one.

Ok, I’m going to be completely honest here.
I don’t actually remember much about most of this volume. Mostly random villains, and unconnected stories…I think.
Sadly, the majority of it just left me with a vague feeling of meh.

The last few issues were my favorites. Barry accidentally frees an evil spirit who is intent exacting revenge on the descendants of the man who killed him.
There’s an actual story here that’s relevant to Barry’s life, and it made all the difference.
I wish the whole volume had been as interesting as the stuff at the end.

The Flash is just one of those characters (like Aquaman) that I simply refuse to give up on. I like what he stands for, so I’m going to continue on with his comics in the hopes that some writer will eventually knock my socks off.


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