Review: Superman: For Tomorrow Absolute Edition

Absolute Superman: For TomorrowAbsolute Superman: For Tomorrow by Brian Azzarello

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Picked up this Absolute Edition on clearance (because size matters) and now I know why it’s on clearance.


I’m with you Anne . Just didn’t flow. It had elements that could have worked. Superman, Lois vanishing, the phantom zone, a surprise villain (who I will be spoiling by the end of the review by the way), a sneaky secret agent, and guest appearances by the Justice League. But the book never came together for me. All that fluffing with no money shot. And I love Azzarello. His last run on Wonder Woman was the shit and I even liked his Joker and Luthor more than most probably did. But he lost me on this one.


Even Jim Lee’s art (which I also typically appreciate) was lacking at times. Some of it was great (see above). But, his villain designs were stupid weak. Equus was torn from the pages of any 90’s Rob Liefeld comic and the surprise villain (General Zod) looked like something my 8 year old son would have designed. Does Zod look like Baron Karza from the Micronauts to anyone else? Pretty, just kinda dumb.



Gave this one an extra star for Jim’s artwork. But, I definitely thought I was gonna like this one a little bit more than I did. Only a recommend for Jim Lee completists. All others beware.

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