Review: X-Men: No More Humans by Mike Carey , Salvador Larroca (Illustrations)

X-Men: No More HumansX-Men: No More Humans by Mike Carey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars



So this really happened, but everyone agrees to never talk about it again.
Does that mean I can count it as a What If story? Unsure.

This was fast-paced & fun, which is all I really ask out of a comic book. Not to mention, it’s doesn’t exactly leave any loose ends dangling, so it’s outside of the normal soap opera stuff. A stand alone, if you will.
Yes! You have my vote Stand Alone Comic!
I spent all day baking in the sun at a lake with the kids, and I’m a little loopy.

What I’m trying to say, is that I really liked this.

Ok, so I know I’m not an expert on all (or even most) of the mutants in the X-men’s universe, but I honestly had never heard of Raze before this.
Evidently, he’s Mystique and Wolverine’s kid?

Wha..? When did that happen?!


As far as I can tell…and don’t quote me on this…but I think he’s from the future.
Or a future, at any rate.
And, shockingly, he’s kinda evil.
I can’t imagine why, though…


Does Wolverine have any kids who aren’t jacked up?
Apparently not.
Anyhoo, Raze has teamed up with all kinds of bad guys (from every dimension) to create a beautiful utopia for mutants.
And, subsequently, the humans gotta go.
Now the X-men and the Uncanny X-men, with the help of Magneto, have to work together to bring them back. Ish.
This leads to some great dialogue between Logan and Scott over who’s the real douchebag killer.


There’s also an appearance by the not quite as Dark Phoenix from another dimension.


Have you guessed how everything gets fixed yet?
Yeah, ok. It’s a pretty easy way out, but I gave bonus points for not turning this into a 30 issue crossover event involving the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, and a few Hulks.
Plus, an extra star for not trying to stick any Inhumans in this thing.
Thanks, Marvel!

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