Review: X-Men Origins: Deadpool by Duane Swiervzynski (writer), Leandro Fern├índez (art),

X-Men Origins: DeadpoolX-Men Origins: Deadpool by Duane Swiervzynski

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, he gets points for originality.
Instead of just telling Deadpool’s origin, Swiervzynski (Did I spell that right? All the letters are jumbling together in my head…) does something a little different.

Wade decides his life would make a kick-ass movie, and starts interviewing directors. After he gets rid of a few that he doesn’t like, he finds a guy who he thinks gets his concept. Riiight.


I think this is probably the closest thing to a real origin story you’re going to get with an unreliable narrator like Wilson.
I doubt this will be considered the Definitive Deadpool Origin or anything, but it was ok.
And, really, that’s about all you can ask from this character.


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