Justice League United, Vol. 1: Justice League Canada

Justice League United, Vol. 1: Justice League CanadaJustice League United, Vol. 1: Justice League Canada by Jeff Lemire
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(Received from Netgalley for review.)

I’ve got some serious mixed feelings about this. I honestly had no idea what to expect out of this book. I didn’t read the New 52 JLA, the series this seems to be a sequel to, so I wasn’t sure what kind of tone this might be going for, or how most of these characters have been handled since Flashpoint. I was intrigued by the JLC thing, though.

Unfortunately, not enough of this book actually takes place in Canada. This is more of a new origin for Adam Strange. I sort of vaguely knew about the previous version of Adam, and he was not exactly a favorite of mine. To be honest, I’ve never been all that enamored of any of DC’s cosmic stories. And for me, the cosmic parts of this book were kind of a drag, with one exception. I absolutely love how Alanna has been revised. I love seeing her as an intellectual equal and hero in her own right to Adam. She’s a very cool character, and if we had to go through cosmicy stuff to get her, so be it. But absolutely nothing else about that story was engaging to me.

The Canada stuff, on the other hand, that was good. This is actually were Alanna does much of her hero stuff, which was very cool. Even cooler is entirely new hero Equinox. I’d like her in any event, because I like her personality and I love her costume design. Best of all, she’s Cree. There are very, very few First Nations characters in comics, and most of them have costume designs with stereotypical elements. Think of X-Men’s Thunderbird, either version. I can tell that her heritage is going to be important to her character, and that’s as it should be, but I think we’ve gone well past the point where a First Nations character has to have feathers somewhere or, God help us all, a tomahawk.

The entire book is effortlessly diverse, in fact. There are female characters, and non-white characters, and non-human characters, and it isn’t a thing. This makes me happy. In comic books, we don’t have to limit our imaginations, so why should we limit what our protagonists look like? New 52 hasn’t been as diverse as it could have been, but they’re making strides over at DC lately.

Will I read more? Actually, yes. I do like the cast overall, and I’m actually quite interested in seeing how Equinox works out.

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