Review: Batman: Under the Hood Vol. 2


Yep, you guessed it. It’s red. His head…uuurr…helmet…aahhh…hood, I mean.


Winick’s Under the Hood storyline is stupid good. Should be required reading for any serious bat-fan. And while I thought Vol. 2 was not quite as fantastic as Vol. 1, it’s still awesome. Beware of some spoilers for those unfamiliar with the Red Hood or this story.


This book jumps around a bit. Winick fills in the gaps between Jason Todd’s death and resurrection in this collection. Judd also follows up on Vol. 1 and the fall-out from Red Hood’s ongoing war with Black Mask. I always thought of Black Mask as a second stringer at best before this run. Not really original. Been there. But, I actually like the angry fuck now. His back and forths with the Hood were well done and gave him some personality.


Some other great moments include Alfred reminiscing, Batman continuing his search for an explanation as to what happened to Jason after his “death”, and the final showdown between Batman and the Red Hood. Judd’s Joker was pretty sick too. You didn’t think Jason was gonna let him get away with killing him did you? There were a couple of things I should knock off half a star for including issues with the casket investigation, the weak connection to Ra’s Al Ghul, and not using Deathstroke more. Love Slade.). But I’m not, because Judd’s entertaining and ambitious story is ballsy and he took a real chance bringing back a character most thought of as being better off dead. Jason’s Red Hood remains to this day and I still like the guy more now than I ever did when he was Robin.


DC also brought in some great artists to complement Winick’s epic. Doug Mahnke returns along with new artists Shane Davis and Eric Battle. All three killed it and provided some beautiful work. Easily as good as the first volume in terms of consistency and I loved it. Jock did the covers for the individual issues and this might have been his audition for another Batman classic, the Black Mirror(read it).


Recommended to all my Batman peeps.

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