Review: The Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol. 2

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus Volume 2Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus Volume 2 by Jonathan Hickman

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Buddy read with my shallow reading pals. Actually finished it in the required time frame, but was a little too preoccupied with internet pornography to get around to actually reviewing it. Hands are washed and here we go. Sorry I’m late kids.


Hickman’s Fantastic Four run is the only FF stuff I’ve ever really had an interest in picking up. I’ve liked The Thing since I was kid. I had his mego action figure (not a doll) when I was just a tyke. I actually forgot he had that “I just saw my first titty” look on his face. I always thought the Torch was kinda cool too. But Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Girl. Dorks. Now that I’m more comfortable in my nerdiness, I’m ok with giving them another shot. Reed and Sue are still dorks, but I’m good with it. After getting turned on to Johnathan Hickman I decided to pick up both of his FF collections (is it omnibuses or omnibi?) Anyway, definitely not disappointed. I haven’t gotten around to reviewing Hickman’s Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol.1 yet (workin’ on it), but suffice to say I liked it. Recently I picked up Vol. 2 and I liked it even more.


Vol. 2 picks up pretty much where Vol. 1 left off. Read Vol. 1 before picking this one up. You’ll be all sorts of lost. This one collects the remaining issues of both the Fantastic Four and Future Foundation titles penned by Hickman. The team is still reeling from the loss of Johnny Storm and Spidey has joined up to pick up the slack. This one also follows the War of Kings event as well (which I didn’t read and isn’t really required), but completists may want to read that book first too. Most of this book has the team cleaning up the mess left by the other “Evil” Reeds and trying to put things right throughout the universe. Hickman does a good job of making all the Richard’s clan, super-nerds come off as believable geniuses without making it so complex as to lose a blue collar geek such as myself. Doom, the Inhumans, and Galactus all show up and are equally well written. Victor learns that valuable lesson about being careful what you wish for. Galactus (never a favorite of mine) is actually pretty bad-ass in this one too. Spider-man adds some levity to the crew and rounds out this version of the team well. Hickman even sells me on the “kid-heavy” Future Foundation. Had I heard this book was filled with child characters I probably would have skipped it. But they worked for me here too. I actually ended up liking Bentley, the Wizard’s clone, and he had me smiling here and there with his wise-ass quips and nut shots.


A smorgasbord of artists contributed to this monster. While all were above average, there were a few I enjoyed more than others. Some of my favorites were Ron Garney, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Ryan Stegman, and Nick Dragotta. Consistent artwork throughout.


I liked the way Hickman ultimately ties everything together and ended his long run on Fantastic Four. This one dips a bit in quality towards the end and then picks up again right at the finish. Winning me over to characters I’ve never had much of an appreciation for was a challenge and Hickman was up to the task. Overall a great collection and a recommend for any Hickman or Fantastic Four fans.

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