Review: Severed

SeveredSevered by Scott Snyder

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Gotta give a shout-out to Kat for providing these friggin’ awesome banners for our shallow comic buddy-reads. You just keep killin’it home-girl.


Well, not my favorite Scott Snyder book. I’m sure not being a “horror” guy didn’t help. Just not my bag. But it was still a decent read and overall I enjoyed it. Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft put their own spin on the serial killer genre with this one. Severed did have some genuine tension in a scene involving a bear trap and, like Mike, the beginning of chapter 5 had me going. Sam beat me to the punch pointing out the similarities to Road to Perdition (which I liked). Both the early 1900’s scenery and the trip young Jack takes throughout the story reminded me of that book as well. And Sam, thanks for the Albert Fish reference. That’s one Wikipedia page I could have gone to my grave having never read. What a sick fuck. I can certainly see the similarities though. Actually, maybe had I read about Albert Fish first, I would have been a little more freaked out by the killer in this story.


The art was really nice. Attila Futaki (great name) does a good job and obviously did his research. Everything about his art really feels 1916. I would certainly pick up something by him again.


I guess I just wasn’t really all that afraid of the killer in this one and it reminded me of a couple of other “bogeymen” stories I read when I was younger and more into the horror stuff. Still, it was good. I liked the ending and some of the twists the story took while getting there. I would definitely recommend it to those interested in serial killer fiction or horror stories. You might want to read up on Albert Fish first, then give it a swing. If not, you may wanna skip that Albert Fish wiki page altogether. He defines twisted son of a bitch.

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