Review: Hawkeye Vol. 3; L.A. Woman – by Matt Fraction

Hawkeye, Vol. 3: L.A. WomanHawkeye, Vol. 3: L.A. Woman by Matt Fraction
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


OK, I wish I’d had this for Pink Taco week…I also suggest everyone read this.
Kate ‘Girl Hawkguy’ Bishop, the OTHER Hawkeye, well sort of, is sick of Clint Barton (the real Hawkguy) so she moves to LA to start all over again.

What follows is a really funny and enjoyable read through her bumbling adventures in LALA Land.

Madame Masque shows up as her main antagonist, who kinda runs the show, like spiderwebs, she’s connected to all of it.

There’s jokes about Lars Ulrich, stealing music, copyright laws, silly Avengers teams that make no sense, and more!

The LA feel of the book makes it a bit more laid back, and this ends up feeling like a sorta Rockford Files/non-serious Magnum PI marathon. (and I mean that as a compliment) She lives on a trailer on the beach (cat sitting for some Hippy Old Lesbians). She’s got no cash, so decides to be a Hero for Hire (we even see her poster with tear off phone number attached) I’m sure Luke Cage and Danny Rand were amused.

Her first case involves finding who got stole the orchids for her gay black neighbours’ wedding, and it’s complicated, but a sweet ending, and the gay black dudes sorta end up being her Rick and TC. though they look more like Isaac Hayes and Fred Williamson.

Then there’s the cliche about the old worn out Police Sarge who doesn’t want a kid running around doing police work, but they play it for laughs well, and not stupid.

There’s a whole story about a Brian Wilson like Beach Boy acid casualty who makes his comeback after years in the wilderness (pretty on point).

Then there’s a mystery dude who sorta looks like Columbo who’s always at the Grocery Store helping her with good advice and cheap cat food…then we get into his wild story, and past, tied in with Madame Masque again, who we also find out has some ties to Kate in other ways…but yes, MM has been making Kate’s life a living hell since she’s been in LA.

This book just made me smile, had a female lead who was just dorky enough, false self assured, and screwed up just enough to not be a joke but still be loveable. There’s pretty much no Clint Barton in this one, so that’s too bad, but otherwise, this is a fairly fun book. I enjoyed the art, and it really gave me a laid back underside of LA feel (not the beaches and sun, or Rodeo, but the crime and such side, but not gritty or nasty like NYC…)

Oh and, Pizza Dog is along for some of the ride, as he chose her over Clint! Much to Clint’s dismay.

I enjoyed the gay characters here, because they felt organic and natural, not pushed in to meet quota or try to pander to an audience. I felt like it made total sense, and was very cool. I would love to see a whole series about Girl Hawkguy: Private Eye and her Gay Neighbours…MARVEL!!! I see the next TV show…(speaking of TV show, we even see Maria Hill and Phil Coulson show up to interrogate Kate!).

Tons to enjoy here from a relatively small collection (Annual #1, 14, 16, 18, 20) but I’ll take quality over quantity, and both over small shitty collections any day.

Highly recommended for most people, ESPECIALLY Kat! (I feel like she’s our Girl Hawkguy yo!)

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