Review: The Wake, by Scott Snyder

The WakeThe Wake by Scott Snyder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

OK I’m still on indies…yup.


So, Scott Snyder, pretty darn good writer, never embarrasses himself, always seems to have things thought out 5 steps ahead, much like his Batman…well I am here to tell you amigos…Mr. Scott done gone and fell upon his ass here.

Something can be great, really interesting, suspenseful, and have you wanting more…The Wake did that. It was like the best parts of The Abyss and Alien mashed up. I loved that the strong main character was female, kudos for that for sure. I liked the idea, ya OK, why not? I even liked the execution of the first half.

The second half was a departure, moving forward 200yrs in time from the end of the events at the first half. There’s still a strong female character, but it’s not like the Abyss, it’s like Waterworld and Mad Max (which Waterworld without water would be…except awesome). I don’t really understand the motivation for the villain here (another female character, good job Mr. Snyder!) she never gets explained much to me, and that’s mildly problematic.

The male characters are all well done too, though some very easy cliches they all fit into, but that’s OK, because this book is like a summer action blockbuster, it needs to move forward at a good pace.

Unfortunately, it all comes apart in the end, much like my Shallow friends who’ve read this have already pointed out (and the comparisons to Abyss and Waterworld I see as well, so obviously that was a blatant similarity). The idea was kooky but I was willing to invest, especially for the explanation of Humanity itself, but the last little bits? Nope. I had more willingness to believe the Fonz could jump his motorcycle over a shark.

So what are we left with here? A very well drawn and coloured book (nice shades of blue, green, super dark shades of water (blues, blacks, greens) and some pretty good writing for the first part. We’re left with a fun setup that gives an unsatisfactory ending…

I suppose it would be like getting turned on, getting into it, and ending up with a sad handjob. It has the end result the same, but you just cannot enjoy it when you were expecting something else, y’know?

So thanks for the great Foreplay Mr. Synder, but next time, realize most of us don’t enjoy the sad handjobs…

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